FAQs concerning custom-made orthotics
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FAQs concerning custom-made orthotics

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Robert Shackleton of Robert Shackleton Orthotics in Brantford is pleased to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning custom-made orthotics.

An orthotic shoe insert corrects and controls the position and movement of the foot, including the forward part of the foot, the arch and heel, while properly helping to distribute a person’s weight and the pressures applied to the foot while in motion. Orthotics work in a number of ways — as a means of absorbing the stress and strain of pressures that are applied to various parts of the foot, as a way of controlling motion, to cushion and lessen stress on different parts of the foot, and to correct weight distribution. Orthotics work well to prevent injury as well as for healing and correcting existing strain and injury.

Do I need to use orthotics throughout the day?

If you’re on your feet for any reason, the answer is yes. Orthotics will help to realign the ligaments, tendons and muscle-skeleton parts of the foot. The regular, consistent use of your orthotics will reduce pain and accelerate healing while improving the function of the foot. In a short span of time, you’ll find using orthotics to be quite comfortable as well as very beneficial.

What type of shoe do I use for my orthotics?

This should be determined when you’re having the orthotics made. For example, whether you normally wear office shoes, work boots or running shoes, various factors will need to be considered at that time. It might be necessary to have different orthotics made to suit different shoes and activities.

Can I use orthotics for sports?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that you do. Depending on the activity, repetitive strain injuries are not uncommon, especially in games like tennis, baseball and basketball — but even running and hiking can lead to foot problems. Orthotics can be made that are specific to certain types of sporting shoes, and orthotics can help the foot heal in the event of injury.

Do orthotics hurt?

No — quite the opposite! You may notice a number of different sensations as you begin wearing your orthotics, not just in your feet but in your legs and lower back, too. The purpose of orthotics is to correct weight distribution, posture and movement while speeding up the healing process. When you get your first set of orthotics, there may be some initial new feelings, but your new orthotics should feel comfortable in very little time.

Are there different kinds of orthotics?

Absolutely, which is why you should have custom-fitted orthotics, because the orthotics need to be made and formed specific to your needs. Additionally, custom-made orthotics are superior to standard over-the-counter varieties because the custom-made versions are made to suit your requirements.

If you have pain in your feet and problems walking, orthotics may be the right answer for you. Robert Shackleton has extensive experience as a chiropractor and is frequently able to offer one-hour custom-moulded orthotics.

To learn more, contact Robert Shackleton Orthotics by calling 519-759-0650. The office is located at 123 King George Road in Brantford, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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