Krown Brantford: Treat your vehicle to the best
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Krown Brantford: Treat your vehicle to the best

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Krown Brantford is home to your local car pros. If you’re looking for a professional application of superior automotive products, trust Krown. You can always expect expert advice and great results. Your car is a big investment. Treat it to the best products on the market to protect its resale value and ensure your safety on the roads.

Canadian weather can wreak havoc on your car. There are three top factors that drivers in warm climates don’t experience as quickly or at all: rust, salt stains and dim headlights. Krown has a line of environmentally friendly and powerful products that effectively resolve these three issues.

What creates rust on your car? Rust is created by road particles, friction and extreme temperature fluctuations. Throughout the winter, snow, ice and road salt mix with pebbles or sand to blast your car’s undercarriage. Add speed, and you’ll appreciate how quickly an unprotected car can accumulate rust. Krown is Canada’s number 1 rust protection company. They have perfected an effective, affordable rustproofing solution. Watch a short demo on the company’s website to learn more about the rustproofing process.

Canadian winters also create salt stains in all cars, especially on the driver’s side. As passengers move in and out of wet driveways and icy parking lots, their boots repeatedly carry unwanted salt into your car. Krown has a salt stain remover that will quickly zap the stains.

Dim headlights are another common winter occurrence. Over time, salt can build up on headlights, making them dim so that it’s difficult to see at night. It’s best for headlights to be crystal clear to allow you to see further at night or during fog. Bright headlights also ensure that other drivers will easily see your car. Krown has developed a professional headlight restoration product. Book this service for your next visit.

Call Krown Brantford at 519-758-2635 today, visit the auto shop at 168 Copernicus Boulevard, or send an email. Join Krown on Facebook for the latest promotions.

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Krown’s network of over 230 dealers looks forward to serving you.


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