Enjoy a staycation with some help from Eising...
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Enjoy a staycation with some help from Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre

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Have you ever considered a staycation? Enjoying your own beautiful backyard while relaxing in a hammock under two beautiful trees you planted with your own two hands? With some help from Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre, your next summer vacation could easily be a stay-at-home holiday.

If you are considering doing some serious planting, why don't you talk to the helpful staff at Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre? They have someone available to come to your house, listen to your needs, assess the environment of your property and make a small plan to recommend plants best suited to your needs. For a $50 fee, they will provide you with a consultation and a hand-drawn garden plan that you can work on immediately or over the next few years. If you need some help with planting, the fellows from Eising Landscape Division will plant any number of trees or shrubs for you, with the cost dependent on how large or small the job is. Before you realize it, you’ll have a place for that hammock.

Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre guarantees their shrub and tree products. You automatically get a two-year guarantee on all shrubs and trees that you purchase. You can also obtain an extended guarantee for your trees if you purchase a tree-planting kit. This kit comes with all the things necessary to greatly increase the chances of your tree surviving the trauma of transplanting.

For the best in gardening ideas and materials, visit Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre. They want to create a backyard world for your home where your next vacation will be no further than the door of your house.

Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre is located at 814 Cockshutt Road in Simcoe, Ontario, and is open Monday to Saturday, with seasonal hours. You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook.

If you would like to get in touch with Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre, just call 519-428-4607 or simply send them an email. By this time next year, your staycation dream could be a reality.

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