Don’t be afraid to get ‘crusty’ with your pizza!
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Don’t be afraid to get ‘crusty’ with your pizza!

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Pizza Roma has been proudly serving the Brantford area for almost 30 years with delicious and authentic Italian-style cuisine. Made from fresh ingredients and homemade dough and sauce, Pizza Roma has a variety of menu options from pizza, pasta, subs and panzerotti – great food, at affordable prices.

Getting crusty with traditional pizza and want to try something different? Here’s a few other crust options to consider next time you order or make your own pizza – go ahead, live outside of the pizza ‘box’.

Thin Crust

Thinner than its traditional counterpart, a thin pizza crust can be a great option for those of us counting calories or trying to eat healthier, especially if it’s made from whole wheat flour. Thin crust pizza is also lower in saturated fats. Go easy on the cheese and consider a vegetarian option and you have yourself a healthy and guilt-free meal!

Paleo Crust

For those that have converted to a Paleo diet, eliminating pizza doesn’t have to be a reality. Paleo options can include an almond meal, tapioca or cauliflower (yes cauliflower!) based crusts that provide great taste and texture.  Skip the cheese and load up on other paleo-friendly toppings such as chicken, vegetables and a cheese substitute such as pate, guacamole or cashews.


Gluten intolerance or allergies are a serious dietary issue that leads to eliminating wheat, barley, rye and other grains from our diet.  Many pizzerias now offer gluten-free crusts made from gluten-free flours that don’t compromise on taste, are easy on your tummy and digestion and are good for you.  

Deep Dish

A sinful pleasure, a deep dish pizza requires a knife and fork and a very healthy appetite. Loaded with cheese and fresh ingredients, it’s a filling and delicious pizza crust option that is ooey, gooey good!

Pizza Roma’s handmade and individually-cooked pizza is made just the way you like it with the quality you can expect! Call Pizza Roma at 519-752-9900 with any requests for specialty crusts to accommodate your dietary needs or allergies. Visit Pizza Roma at for their business hours and to look at their full online menu.

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