Winter Hair – Caring for it, Protecting it, and...
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Winter Hair – Caring for it, Protecting it, and Loving it

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With the arrival of winter comes the need to protect and “winterize” your haircare regime.

The recommendations come to you care of Salon Haven, a professional hair salon in Brantford, Ontario that offers an assortment of expert hair services that include the hottest trends in shaping and styling, extraordinary colour techniques, treatments, and more.

The basic challenge concerning winter is that you’ve got more things assailing your hair than you might realize. Some of these obvious influences – such as the driest, coldest air of the year – are outdone by unexpected factors. Along with that dry, cold air, are the harmful UV rays from the sun (even on overcast days). Then there’s the dramatic effect of returning to indoor heating, whether in the house or in the car, which, over time, contributes its own overly-drying effect.

Your action plan in response to winter can begin with the use of especially rich moisturizing hair products. For a moisturizer to be effective, it must be a quality moisturizer that’s best for your hair type. Use more moisturizing products during the winter months. Plus, in addition to hair moisturizers, use hair masks and hair packs once or twice a week.

Since you’re going to be blasted with warm, dry air whenever you’re indoors, use your blow dryer sensibly. You want to minimize the amount of heat that’s applied to your hair, since it will only contribute to more moisture loss and excessive drying.

On the topic of dry air, have you invested in a humidifier? Consider it. Having one in your apartment, and certainly in the bedroom, provides more benefits than just for your hair alone.

When washing your hair, use lukewarm water (never hot water), and finish with cold water. This will help retain the colour if you’ve had your hair coloured.

On the topic of static and static cling, there are static-free lotions you can use when blow drying. But here’s another tip: Gently stroke your hair with the same anti-static dryer sheets that you’d normally use when doing laundry. Look for chemical free, hypoallergenic products.

Finally, continue with regular visits to your hair stylist for frequent hair trims. This will help you to lose those dry, split ends, while keeping your hair looking great.

For truly expert advice for your hair, Salon Haven has the most current knowledge and expertise. Each of the stylists at Salon Haven is extensively trained in the latest hair styles and techniques. In addition to the salon’s extensive range of services, Salon Haven also carries professional hair-care products in the shop as well as online.

At Christmas time, bring in canned goods and you’ll receive 15 percent off the price of retail products during December. Your contributions will play a significant part to help with Salon Haven’s Food Drive this year!

Also – be sure to book your hair appointments for Christmas early this year. It’s important to book now because the salon really tends to get crazy!

Contact Salon Haven by calling 519-754-0006 or by email at Salon Haven is located at 88 Balfour Street in Brantford, Ontario.


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