Spay or neutering animals is important for their...
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Spay or neutering animals is important for their health

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The Grand River Veterinary Hospital located in Caledonia, Ontario is the best place for people to find everything they need to ensure their pet lives a full and healthy life. The veterinarians on staff provide exceptional care to dogs and cats – whether providing routine vaccinations, controlling fleas, cleaning teeth or performing surgery to correct a serious health problem. With years of experience and knowledge of the latest, state-of-the-art veterinary practices, the professionals at Grand River Veterinary Hospital treat each animal as if they were their own. Open six days a week, and with reasonable prices, the Grand River Veterinary Hospital is the ideal place to bring pets for medical care.

One of the most important areas of veterinary practice involves spay and neutering an animal. This is an important part of animal control, especially when it comes to wild animals or those that are strays and without a home environment. Pet owners who do not want their dog or cat to have babies should consider getting them neutered. This is an affordable solution that will help to keep the animal population under control and prevent unwanted pregnancies and puppies or kittens that are in need of a home.

The Grand River Veterinary Hospital employs experienced experts in this area of veterinary care. They can provide sound advice to clients on the benefits, importance and rationale for spay or neutering an animal, and they can perform the required procedure quickly and easily onsite at their hospital. They have the knowledge, skills and equipment to safely and carefully spay or neuter cats, dogs and a variety of other animals. The procedure is pain free for the animal, and measures are employed to ensure that each animal is cared for and emerges from the operation safe and sound.

People who have a domestic cat or dog, and who do not want them to have kittens or puppies, should bring them to the Grand River Veterinary Hospital to be spayed or neutered. It’s a decision you’ll be glad you made, and one that will help your pet in the long run. To learn more about the Grand River Veterinary Hospital and the many ways in which they care for animals in the Caledonia community, please give them a telephone call at 905-765-0001, or check out their website at

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