BMHA house league results
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BMHA house league results

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Listed below are the most recent results from the Brantford Minor Hockey Association's house league cmpetition.


Lowe’s Red tied Millard, Rouse & Rosebrugh 3-3. Lowe’s Red Goals - Cole Book. Lowe’s Red Assists - Lucca Casasanta, Kyler Reid, and Ty Theriault. Millard Goals - Gregory Beckett. Millard Assists - Ella Palfreyman, Anson Parker, Connor Oakes, Lucas Fielding, and Wesley Kirby.


IBEW Local 105 defeated City Taxi. IBEW Goals - Eric Semiwolos, Matt Allan, Nolan DeJong, and Alexander Seguin. IBEW Assists - Adam Gamelin, Allan, Austin MacKenzie, Caleb Hunks, DeJong, Semiwolos, and Seguin. City Goals - Logan Laush, and Matthew Stockdale. City Assists - Chris Kay, Jackson Thibodeau, Alexander Thomson, and Eric Laurie.


Lowe’s Blue defeated Smeda Bros. Lowe’s Blue Goals - Jordan MacKinnon, Richard Eyre, Liam MacDonald, and Stephanie Buckley. Lowe’s Blue Assists - Buckley, Eyre, Jacob Carmichael, MacDonald, Sam Marshall, Peyton Gosselin, and Nicholas White. Smeda Goal - Alexander Ascott. Smeda Assists - Layne Cartwright, and Emily Winger.





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Vipers defeated Rams. Vipers Goals - Aidan Allan, J.J. Cowieson, Cameron Husk, and Cole Hipkin. Vipers Assists - Cowieson, Allan, Eric Braja, Raymond Barrett, and Mark Quattrociocchi. Rams Goals - Shayne Dickie, Jace Sackaney. Rams Assists - Joshua Peixoto, and Jordan Rutherford.


Durangos defeated Chargers. Durangos Goals - Ryan Taylor, Michael Papple, Mark Kendall, Tyler Stott, Matthew Woodrow, and Isaac Sinning. Durangos Assists - Kendall, Sinning, Papple, and Woodrow. Chargers Goals - Braden Mayhew, and Ethan Hundert. Chargers Assists - Mitchell Langley.


Nitros defeated Avengers 4-0. Nitros Goals - Spencer Cockerill, Jackson Cockerill, Elijah Palfreyman, and Alec McLellan. Nitros Assists - McLellan, and J. Cockerill. Avengers Standout - Luke Yuhasz.



Lowe’s defeated Gretzky Slush Puppies 4-2. Lowe’s Goals - Jonah Neeb, Bhavin Mistry, Hudson Hart, and Brandon Kay. Lowe’s Assists - Hart, Michael Pereira, Kay, Max Marshall, Neeb, Qwintin Laforme, and Mistry. Gretzky Goals - Blair Panton, and Clayton Donohue. Gretzky Assists - Jason McKay, and Panton.



Swaye & Associates defeated Pizza Pizza 5-4. Swaye Goals - Brandon Norris, and Cole Matthews. Swaye Assists - Zach Hamed, Matthews, Jacob Gerow, Caitlyn Watts, Nathan Taylor, Norris, and Harrison DeJong. Pizza Pizza Goals - Caleb Rees, Corbin Chandler, and Alex Bakker. Pizza Pizza Assists - Morgan LaPointe, Jack O'Connor, Rees, Hunter Wildey, Dawson Richer, Blake Zimmerman, and Zachery Slemin.


IBEW Local 105 defeated Ball Hockey International. IBEW Goals - Jacob Laracy, Ethan Smith, Thomas Levan, and Michael Burning.

IBEW Assists - Smith, Levan, Laracy, Graeme Lewis, and Sam Robinson. BHI Goal - Matthew Nusink. BHI Assists - Teagan Olivieri, amd Noah Cuddy.


Bialas Printing defeated Chute Construction 7-4. Bialas Goals - Stephen Tottle, and Joshua Boone-Kendall. Bialas Assists - Brock Beck, Kyler Chapin, Riley Allen, Cody McCann, Tottle, Jordan Blum, Joe Desourdie, and Boone-Kendall. Chute Goals - Kyle Burke, Charlie Parks, and Randall Barber. Chute Assists - Barber, Austin Bates, David Henhawk, Dakota Laforme, and Keaton Chute.



Lowe's Leafs defeated IBEW Local 105 5-2. Leafs Goals - Jason Wolski, Anthony Hurren, and Dalton Birkett. Leafs Assists - Noah Ion, Skyler Ashworth, Birkett, Kyle Strachan, Tanner Staley, and Thomas Smith. IBEW Goals - Christopher Hughes, Eric Rowe

IBEW Assists: Nicholas Seguin, and Hughes.


Paris Sports Centre defeated Lowe's Riders 2-1. Paris Goals - Cole Stockman, and Neely Thompson. Paris Assists - Brock Shields, Daniel Vaskanin, and Matthew Torti. Riders Goal - Jordan Owens. Riders Assists - Justin McMullen, and Brandon Hunks.



IBEW Local 105 defeated Mott Manufacturing 7-3. IBEW Goal - Christopher Hughes, Ryerson Levan, Eric Rowe, and Tyler Moore. IBEW Assists - Rowe, Kyle Winch, Kyle Josling, Bradley Marshall, Hughes, and Andrew Bell. Mott Goals - Brandon Webb, Connor Jeanes, and Aaron Mathews. Mott Assists - Justin Sharman, Ryan Vervaecke, Mathews, Daylin Joseph, and Blake Whorpole.


Paris Sports Centre defeated Smiles In Motion. Paris Goals - Connor Smith, Neely Thompson, Daniel Vaskanin, Brock Shields, Cole Stockman, Alex Churchill, Matthew Torti, and Cameron Fisher. Paris Assists - Shields, Jordan Nichols, Vaskanin, Christopher Foster, Stockman, Smith, Cody Walker, Torti, Fisher, and Thompson. Smiles Goals - Nathaniel Schuster, Adam Gignac, and Matthew Waring. Smiles Assists - Waring, Tyler Titmus, Eric Lamond, Aidan Shaw, and Jacob Cockerill.


Lowe’s Riders defeated Lowe's Leafs 2-1. Riders Goals - Jordan Owens, and Keaton Wray. Riders Assists - Eric VanLeeuwen, Timothy Groen, Justin McMullen, and Owens. Leafs Goal - Jason Wolski. Leafs Assists - Tanner Staley, and Brayden Lindsay.



Levac Trophies defeated A&A Photo 3-1. Levac Goals - Austin Marshall, Chris Kuchocki, and Vincenzo Prior. Levac Assist - Prior. A&A Goal - Andrew Misner. A&A Assists - Zachery Kwasnik.


Brantford Office Machines Abcott Construction 3-0. Office Goals - Jake Smiley, Levi Kertesz, and Ryan Mezaros. Office Assists - Smiley, Michael Owens, and Ryan Steeves. Abcott Standout - Liam Convey-Thompson.




Lowe’s defeated Winmar 3-2. Lowe’s Goals - Cody Sims, and Brandon Slawek. Lowe’s Assists - Alex Chan, Andrew Cox, and Cameron Bonnyman. Winmar Goals - Tyler To

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