Snooki shares intimate details-Image1

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

Snooki shares intimate details

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi worries about her son walking in on her having sex so always stays quiet and waits until nighttime before getting...

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Benedict Cumberbatch buying LA house-Image1

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch buying LA house

Benedict Cumberbatch has viewed a $10.8 million mansion in Los Angeles and is ready to make a bid for the property.

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Jackie Chan's son indicted-Image1

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan's son indicted

Jackie Chan's son Jaycee has been charged with sheltering others to use drugs, which could see him face a prison sentence of up to three...

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Chris Brown's full time community service-Image1

Chris Brown

Chris Brown's full time community service

Chris Brown is doing 30 hours a week of community service because he wants to complete his 1000-hour sentence by next month.

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Celebrity | 2 hours ago
Lance Bass' royal wedding-Image1

Lance Bass' royal wedding

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin chose to marry at Los Angeles' Park Plaza Hotel because its decor matched their "royal" theme.

Brampton Guardian
Celebrity | 2 hours ago
Charlie Sheen's show cancelled-Image1

Charlie Sheen's show cancelled

Charlie Sheen's TV show 'Anger Management' has been axed, it has been confirmed, just hours before the 100th episode airs in...

Brampton Guardian
News | 4 hours ago
Canadian Press top 10 films of 2014-Image1

Canadian Press top 10 films of 2014

The top films of 2014 as chosen by The Canadian Press

WhatsOn | 4 hours ago
'Mr. Turner' years in the making for Leigh-Image1

'Mr. Turner' years in the making for Leigh

Spall studied painting for 2 years to take on titular character in 'Mr. Turner'

News | 4 hours ago
China indicts Jackie Chan's son on drug charge-Image1

China indicts Jackie Chan's son on drug charge

Beijing prosecutors indict Jackie Chan's son on drug charge, 4 months after his bust

Celebrity | 6 hours ago
Miranda Kerr's 100k Xmas gift-Image1

Miranda Kerr's 100k Xmas gift

James Packer has reportedly given Miranda Kerr a pair of $100,000 diamond earrings for Christmas.

Brampton Guardian
Celebrity | 6 hours ago
Lindsay Lohan back on track-Image1

Lindsay Lohan back on track

Lindsay Lohan's family say she is in a "really good place" and back to herself after completing 10 weeks on London's West...

Brampton Guardian
Celebrity | 6 hours ago
Eddie Redmayne's nine-month of sleepless nights-Image1

Eddie Redmayne's nine months of sleepless nights

Eddie Redmayne has revealed he suffered from sleepless nights for nine months while filming 'The Theory of Everything'...

Brampton Guardian

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