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Letters | Mar 18, 2015

LETTER TO EDITOR: City election sign bylaw on shaky ground

The following is an expression of opinion under law. I am entitled to that. The City of Brantford’s new election sign...

Brant News | by Rob Ferguson
Letters | Jan 29, 2015

LETTER TO EDITOR: Thoughts about election lawn signs

Brantford city councillors are considering a new rule that would prevent municipal candidates from putting up lawn signs...

Brant News | by Sean Allen
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

Financial incentive to cast a ballot could boost voter turnout

People are always interested in saving money. Grocery stores have you put a quarter in their carts so you will return the...

Brant News | by Jeremy Burningham
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

More candidate information needed to make informed choice

I have lived in the County of Brant’s Ward 1, on Powerline Road at the far east end almost at the border with Hamilton, for...

Brant News | by Richard Yoshioka
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

Make voting easier, expand the electorate

Since reaching the magic age of 18 over three decades ago, I have always attempted to vote. There are many reasons why others...

Brant News | by James R. Skelton
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

Thoughts on increasing voter turnout

There are many probable reasons that people don’t vote. Many citizens are disgusted with politics given the amount of spin...

Brant News | by Randy Schelhas
Nov 06, 2014

SPEECH: Veterans: our national treasure

The following speech was delivered by St. John’s College student Conrad Banas at Saturday’s Thank-a-Vet luncheon in...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Conrad Banas
Nov 06, 2014

Flower thief strikes St. George lily garden

The St. George Garden Club has for a number of years displayed a collection of lilies, started over 25 years ago by Joseph B....

Brant News | Add Comment | by Shirley Steedman
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: Proud to stand as a candidate in Brantford

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all my supporters. To have hundreds upon hundreds of voters and their families asking...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Nevada Adams
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: New county councillor offers thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported me in last Monday’s municipal election. I do not...

Brant News | Add Comment | by John Peirce
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: Thank you to Ward 2 voters

A special heartfelt thanks to all the voters of Ward 2 in the County of Brant for your expression of confidence. I feel...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Shirley Simons
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: New trustee grateful for support

A big resounding thank you to Brantford for electing me to represent you at the GEDSB table. I am so honoured and take very...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Alex Felsky
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: Vanderstelt pledges to continue work

I want to say a huge thank you to the people of Brantford for their support during my election campaign and during the past...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Jan Vanderstelt
Sep 25, 2014

LETTER TO EDITOR: Run city like a business

Are the city taxpayers getting a good deal? I always believed that the Brantford mayor and people who are on our city...

Brant News | Add Comment
Sep 23, 2014

LETTER TO EDITOR: Attack politics counter-productive

With reference to the nomination announcement of Nevada Adams in last weeks Brant News, I'm still in a bit of shock that he...

Brant News | Add Comment
Mar 28, 2014

LETTER: Government ignores advice on Ontario College of Trades

RE: ‘Questioning the College of Trades,” Brant News March 21, 2014. The Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) would...

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