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Letters | Sep 25, 2014

LETTER TO EDITOR: Run city like a business

Are the city taxpayers getting a good deal? I always believed that the Brantford mayor and people who are on our city...

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Letters | Sep 23, 2014

LETTER TO EDITOR: Attack politics counter-productive

With reference to the nomination announcement of Nevada Adams in last weeks Brant News, I'm still in a bit of shock that he...

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Opinion | Sep 26, 2013

LETTER: Grand River vulnerable to contamination

"Brantford’s water supply definitely is vulnerable, today and every day."

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Opinion | Sep 13, 2013

LETTER: Boosting tourism through parks and recreation

"Because the parks and recreation department is perhaps the most visible and diverse municipal department, it does have the...

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Opinion | Sep 12, 2013

LETTER: The problem with audible crosswalks

"The physical and mental health hazards this particular solution already brings to thousands of other residents are vastly...

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Opinion | Sep 06, 2013

LETTER: Thanks for a great food bank barbecue

"To all who came out and had some fun and food, we appreciate the help for this much-needed cause."

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Sep 06, 2013

LETTER: St. Jacobs fire
hits home

"I think it’s time we take a moment to think of those whose lives may have changed forever."

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Sep 05, 2013

LETTER: An invitation 
to get involved 
in politics

"I am hoping you’ll start making this dream a reality by getting involved in your community and in the local Liberal riding...

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Aug 30, 2013

LETTER: Make Sanderson Centre smaller to 
improve revenue

"Shows prefer to play for a packed house of 400 to 600 rather than a sparse larger house."

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Aug 29, 2013

LETTER: Feds need to 
reconsider cuts to social housing

"An estimated 150,000 to 300,000 Canadians are homeless, and many more can’t afford housing with enough bedrooms for their...

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Aug 23, 2013

LETTER: Time for city to rein in spending

"Something has to change."

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Aug 22, 2013

LETTER: Local economy not as well off
 as it appears

"Locally, it is said that our unemployment rate has gone down, but the numbers are deceiving."

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Aug 16, 2013

Praise for 
Parks and 

"Even my kids make comments about the beauty that the crews create and maintain."

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Aug 16, 2013

LETTER: Arrowdale 
offers thanks

"An event held at Arrowdale Municipal Golf Course in June raised a total of $2,500 for the Arnold Anderson Youth Sports...

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Aug 15, 2013

LETTER: Paris program helps maintain seniors’ health

"An hour of exercise two or three days a week is supervised by a qualified kinesiologist using the same equipment used by...

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Aug 08, 2013

LETTER: Ottawa’s policy puts rural wireless at risk

"We ask that Canadian wireless companies be allowed the same opportunity to acquire Canadian spectrum as U.S. companies like...

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