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Letters | Feb 04, 2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The value of Arrowdale to Brantford

I read with disappointment that our city is yet again debating the sale of another asset. To be clear, Arrowdale golf course...

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Letters | Jan 14, 2016

Boundary deal is ‘dinosaur thinking’

The new report by David Crombie for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing titled “Planning for Health, Prosperity...

Brant News | by Ella Haley & Richard Tunstall
Letters | Jul 16, 2015

Thoughts on boundary adjustment

A note to members of council for the County of Brant

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Pan Am Games | Jul 03, 2015

Pan Am Games gives us time to practise our people-first language

To the editor: With the Pan Am and Parapan Am games coming to Southern Ontario it is a great opportunity for us all to...

Letters | Mar 18, 2015

LETTER TO EDITOR: City election sign bylaw on shaky ground

The following is an expression of opinion under law. I am entitled to that. The City of Brantford’s new election sign...

Brant News | by Rob Ferguson
Letters | Jan 29, 2015

LETTER TO EDITOR: Thoughts about election lawn signs

Brantford city councillors are considering a new rule that would prevent municipal candidates from putting up lawn signs...

Brant News | by Sean Allen
Nov 21, 2014

Financial incentive to cast a ballot could boost voter turnout

People are always interested in saving money. Grocery stores have you put a quarter in their carts so you will return the...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Jeremy Burningham
Nov 21, 2014

More candidate information needed to make informed choice

I have lived in the County of Brant’s Ward 1, on Powerline Road at the far east end almost at the border with Hamilton, for...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Richard Yoshioka
Nov 21, 2014

Make voting easier, expand the electorate

Since reaching the magic age of 18 over three decades ago, I have always attempted to vote. There are many reasons why others...

Brant News | Add Comment | by James R. Skelton
Nov 21, 2014

Thoughts on increasing voter turnout

There are many probable reasons that people don’t vote. Many citizens are disgusted with politics given the amount of spin...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Randy Schelhas
Nov 06, 2014

SPEECH: Veterans: our national treasure

The following speech was delivered by St. John’s College student Conrad Banas at Saturday’s Thank-a-Vet luncheon in...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Conrad Banas
Nov 06, 2014

Flower thief strikes St. George lily garden

The St. George Garden Club has for a number of years displayed a collection of lilies, started over 25 years ago by Joseph B....

Brant News | Add Comment | by Shirley Steedman
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: Proud to stand as a candidate in Brantford

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all my supporters. To have hundreds upon hundreds of voters and their families asking...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Nevada Adams
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: New county councillor offers thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported me in last Monday’s municipal election. I do not...

Brant News | Add Comment | by John Peirce
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: Thank you to Ward 2 voters

A special heartfelt thanks to all the voters of Ward 2 in the County of Brant for your expression of confidence. I feel...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Shirley Simons
Nov 06, 2014

LETTER: New trustee grateful for support

A big resounding thank you to Brantford for electing me to represent you at the GEDSB table. I am so honoured and take very...

Brant News | Add Comment | by Alex Felsky

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