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News | Nov 21, 2014

Keep road safety in mind this winter

It certainly started to look a lot like Christmas out there this week with the first significant snowfall of the winter...

Brant News | by John Zronik
Editorial | Nov 06, 2014

Improving our local democracy

Canadian soldiers fight and die in the name of democracy. The majority of us can’t seem bothered to participate in the system...

Brant News | by John Zronik
Editorial | Oct 17, 2014

EDITORIAL: Five years serving the community

Not long ago in a city we all know, a small but dedicated group of individuals came together to found a newspaper that truly...

Brant News
Editorial | Oct 01, 2014

EDITORIAL: D is for disappointing

We want to preface this discussion by pointing out that a national report put together through raw numbers and statistics...

Brant News | by Sean Allen
Editorial | Sep 25, 2014

Debates underway in city campaign

Let the debates begin. While some candidates came into the race more than nine months ago, the municipal campaign began in...

Brant News | by Sean Allen
Editorial | Aug 28, 2014

A fundraising game-changer

If you weren’t yet convinced about the power of social media, look no further than the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” an ALS...

Brant News
May 22, 2014

Federal service cuts dishonour veterans

The end of the longest war in Canada’s history was commemorated in Ottawa and across the country recently with a solemn...

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May 15, 2014

Policies designed to define a campaign

Despite some awkward moments at the outset of the current provincial election campaign, Progressive Conservative leader...

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May 08, 2014

Is Ontario in for more of the same?

While voter intention can swing drastically during the course of an election campaign, the first polling done following news...

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May 01, 2014

Brant’s bizarre boundary impasse

To put it lightly, the matter of a potential boundary adjustment agreement between the City of Brantford and the County of...

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Apr 24, 2014

Offering a reason to run for office

Perhaps the long winter we’ve just fought through provides some explanation, but we see reason for concern when it comes to...

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Mar 20, 2014

EDITORIAL: Spotlight on the Speaker

With a provincial election seemingly looming on the horizon (or so many say), Brant News this week turns its focus to the...

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Mar 06, 2014

EDITORIAL: Embrace winter this March break

"For those not lucky enough to be heading to a tropical destination and escaping the polar chill that continues to grip...

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Feb 28, 2014

EDITORIAL: Throwing money down the drain

"As it stands, the city is set to waste $78,000 and two years of effort with nothing to show for it."

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Feb 20, 2014

EDITORIAL: Pushing toward a provincial vote

"As we see it, an election before summer is anybody’s game."

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Feb 13, 2014

Backlash over Brantford rebrand

"This could be a chance to bottle some of the passion coming from a normally sedated citizenship when it comes to the...

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