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FOCUS ON SENIORS: New normal for aging population

Kathryn Poirier

Levels of mobility don’t change volunteering habits of seniors

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Columns | Nov 21, 2014

MPP PERSPECTIVE: Ontario gas tax program helps expand public transit

Last week, the Ministry of Transportation announced that the Government of Ontario will be providing $321.5 million in gas...

Brant News | by Dave Levac
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

Financial incentive to cast a ballot could boost voter turnout

People are always interested in saving money. Grocery stores have you put a quarter in their carts so you will return the...

Brant News | by Jeremy Burningham
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

More candidate information needed to make informed choice

I have lived in the County of Brant’s Ward 1, on Powerline Road at the far east end almost at the border with Hamilton, for...

Brant News | by Richard Yoshioka
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

Make voting easier, expand the electorate

Since reaching the magic age of 18 over three decades ago, I have always attempted to vote. There are many reasons why others...

Brant News | by James R. Skelton
Letters | Nov 21, 2014

Thoughts on increasing voter turnout

There are many probable reasons that people don’t vote. Many citizens are disgusted with politics given the amount of spin...

Brant News | by Randy Schelhas
News | Nov 21, 2014

Keep road safety in mind this winter

It certainly started to look a lot like Christmas out there this week with the first significant snowfall of the winter...

Brant News | by John Zronik
Sports | Nov 20, 2014

New sports hall to be unveiled

Public event planned to celebrate space at Gretzky centre

Brant News | by Sean Allen
Columns | Nov 17, 2014

An apple a day

School nutrition program inspires Brant United Way campaign co-ordinator at PDHS

Brant News | by Barb Myltschenko

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